A Touch of Glass Corvette Club, Inc.

Club Minutes for May 21, 2019

The meeting was called to order at 7:03 PM by Will Anderson, President.

Will asked if we had any new members or guest. John O’Brien stood up and introduced himself.  

Treasurer’s Report:  Anita read the treasurer’s report. Steve Minger made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report as written and Nadine Jester second the motion. All were in favor.

Minutes:  Will announced the minutes have been posted on the website and have been emailed to all of the members who have provided email addresses. Steve M. made the motion to wave the reading of the minutes and to accept the minutes as written. Fred L. second the motion. All were in Favor. 

Member Update:  Janice has had some medical procedure done. A ‘get well’ card was passed around to the members to wish her well and sign the card.  

NCM Update:  Rich was out of town. No update to report.

Care Committee:  Maureen wished all the members having birthdays and/or anniversaries in May & June to those who had or having a birthday, “Happy Birthday” and those who had or having an anniversary, “Happy Anniversary”.

Facebook: Betsy explained you must be a member in order to be accepted on the Facebook site. Betsy and Bob V. will screen those who request to join the site. 

Old Business:  The Cornerstone Hospice has received the check for $1,000.00.

Will still has 20 challenge coins left, $12.00 each.

New Business:  Member Recognition: Gary Slentz requested the chance to recognize 2 members who had come to his and Sally’s aide. He has an 80’s Corvette. He had belonged to his Vette club in PA for over 20 years. He had to share his experience with his new Vette club, The Touch of Glass and new members, Charles and Joy Seal. They all were meeting up to go on one of the cruises. Gary & Sally live 30 miles from the meeting area. As they were about to leave, their car broke down. Charles and Joy went back to their place to pick up their family vehicle in order to take Gary and Sally home.  Gary & Sally were so impressed with the good Samaritan treatment they received. “Thank you”, Charles and Joy! You make our Corvette club “proud”!

Car Show with Cornerstone Hospice: Hospice has offered their parking lot for “Touch of Glass” to have a car show if they wish. It was decided to table for another time.  

Beat the Heat: It was suggested to consider taking cruises to eating establishments. Dennis has provided a list of eateries and if any one has any other suggestions, they are welcomed. 

Gateway Classics open house is the 4th Saturday of the month at 9:00 a.m. in Sanford. The club could arrange a meeting place and cruise to the classic car show. Afterwards have lunch. Steve M. volunteered to arrange this event. 

Tropic Theater July 13th is having 50’s-70’s Rewind, it is $15.00 per person and 5 rows still available. Chuck C. was taking a consensus has to who would be interested in going. He received an overwhelming response of hands. He will arrange for the tickets.

Past Event Reports:

Bowling – Glen Ricci was 1st game and Mark Skeens the 2nd game. No scores or dates were given. Bowling is the last Friday of the month.

Highway 441 Monthly Cruise-In (4/3/19: had 12 cars and the 5/1/19 had 16 cars)

Citrus Towers: (4/6/19 and 5/4/19) No Show

Eustis Cruise-In: (3/23/19 had 14 cars and several members, Anita and Roseanna assisted with the event;  On 4/27/19 we had 16 cars with several members assisting with the event.) A Touch of Glass will assist with the May event as well. Butch, Fred and Chuck were winners at the past events. 

Gator Harley Davidson: (3/30/19 had a good participation. 

Ceicl Clark 4/6/19. We had 12 cars participate with 5 trophy winners.

Club Picnic 4/13/2019:  We had 54 members attended, will have Mission BBQ catering the next picnic, due to issues with Oakwood.

Saint Armands Circle 5/4/19: 3 m3mbers attended, with one winning a trophy.

Club boat Trip 5/11/2019: Great turnout.

Ongoing Monthly Events

Bowling – Break Point in Eustis – 6:30 P.M. –  Last Friday of the month.

Citrus Tower- 1st Saturday of the month - 5-8 P.M.

Highway 441 Monthly Cruise-In- 1st Wednesday of the month-5-8 P.M.

Markets of Marion 4th Sat. of the month, 9 AM to 1 PM.  There is a $5 registration fee

Eustis Cruise-In – 4th Saturday of the month-5-8 P.M. Marty and Janice, Dennis and Nadine to do the 50/50 tickets. Anita and Roseanna will do the registration. 

Gator Harley Davidson- 5th Saturday of the month-10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Upcoming Activities:

Tropic Theater - 7/13/2019 - 7PM - Rock and Roll Rewind

Mid-Florida Auto Show & Lake Mirror Concourse - 10/18/19 - 10/20/19

Corvette Club of Marion County - 11/16/19

Open Discussion: 

Meet Your Member: Bob V.

50/50 Drawing – Won by Cindy V.

Next Meeting:

Planning Meeting will be on Wednesday, July 3rd, at 4:00 p.m. at Vann Gannaway.

General Meeting will be on Tuesday, July 16th at the UMAC Center in Tavares at 7:00 PM

Adjourned – Motion to adjourn at 7:42 P.M. by Maureen B. and seconded by Fred L.