Club Minutes for July 17, 2018


The meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM by Bob Vehmeier.  Our guests, Jack and Andrea Lawson have a 2004 Corvette. Bob welcomed Arch and Nancy back.

Treasurer’s Report: Chuck reported that we had various deposits and expenses, and gave the reports for May and June.  A motion was made that we accept the Treasurer’s report by Steve M. and seconded by Arch. All were in favor.

Minutes:  Bob stated the minutes from the May meeting are on line. A motion was made by Fred L. and seconded by Arch to accept the minutes as written and all were in favor.

Member Update:   Gary K. is doing well Carrie C. is having a hip replacement. Barb S. is having shoulder surgery. Happy 61st Anniversary to Chuck and Barb C. while Larry and Diane will be celebrating 56 years and Betsy and Alan will be celebrating 58 years.

NCM Update:  Nothing new going on.

Care Committee:  Maureen wished all the members having birthdays in June and August (and the beginning of September),  a Happy Birthday.

Face Book:  Nothing new although both Betsy and Bob were experiencing posts disappearing from the site.

Old Business:

Bob mentioned that at the last meeting he brought up having a Corvettes and Coffee event at the Mall. We will need one-day insurance.  Dennis J., Gary K., Doug B. Rick R & Mary J. have volunteered to be on the committee. Need to find out about sponsorship. Looking around November 3rd for the date. Will have to look at putting out flyers, etc.,

New Business:

Ride/Rally – we are planning out next ride for October 6th to Peck’s Old Port Cove in Crystal River. Plan on leaving around 11:30 am from Leesburg Bowling Alley. Thanks to Rick and Anita for putting this together. We will plan another one in February/March.

Shadowing Officers -  Bob mentioned that he asked for any members interested.  Anita said she was interested, and has been coming to the Board meetings and shadowing Chuck.

Web site – Our web site is through Go Daddy and there are now higher fees involved. The five years for $500 is the best deal and it will be automatically upgraded. Motion was made by Rich and seconded by Doug to update the site for the $5000/five-year deal. All were in favor.

Communication by e-mail – Mary mentioned that members have to agree to have communication by e-mail and we will need to make a motion to have this change made to our By-Laws and voted on by the members at the September meeting. Mary made a motion that we make an amendment to our By-Laws to be presented at the September meeting for a vote by the members. Charlene seconded the motion and all were in favor.

Past Event Reports:

Bowling – In May, Doug had the high for the first game of 155; in the second game, Cindy and Mark tied with 177. In June, Doug had the high game of 236 and the second game was a tie between Bob and Doug with 137.

Memorial Service for Russ Battin – The service was on June 17th, he was 99 years old. A number of our members attended. He will be buried in the National Cemetery on Nov. 2nd, what would have been his 100th birthday.

Eustis Cruise- Rained out for June.

Club Ride and Lunch at Back Porch in Lake Alfred – Unfortunately, it started to rain when we were driving there, but everyone had a good lunch, and a good time.

Citrus Tower – A members were there.

Highway 441 Cruise-in on July 4th was cancelled due to weather, but a few of us went and had dinner there.

Tropic Theater – We went on July 14th and all had a great time. The entertainment was very good. Chuck mentioned they have a Christmas and New Year show there too.

Glenn R. mentioned that he went to the Ron Fellows Driving School in Las Vegas and it was excellent and was very well organized. 

On-going Monthly Events

Eustis Cruise – 4th Saturday of the month  

Bowling – Last Friday of the month

Highway 441 Dinner Cruise-in- First Wednesday of the month 

Citrus Tower in Clermont – First Saturday of the month 

Upcoming Activities

July 28 – show a Special Olympics facility in Clermont

Sept 16th - Anniversary Dinner at Taki’s Restaurant a 1:30pm

Oct. 6th – Ride and lunch at Old Peck’s Cove in Crystal River

Oct 20th – Mid FL Auto Show & Lake Mirror Classic

Nov 4th – Superkids Car Show – Minneola H.S.

Nov 17th – Marion Co. Corvette Show in Ocala

Dec 14th – Club Christmas Party at Pennbrooke Fairways (we will have a complete catered meal)

Aug 28-31 (2019) – Caravan to Corvette Museum – Mary and Ed went to the Museum recently and said they changed displays around. Plant tours to open in January 2019 – New paint shop.

50/50 Drawing – Won by Barbara S.

Planning Meeting will be on Wednesday, September 5th and “General Meeting” will be on Tuesday, September 18th at the UMAC Center in Tavares at 7:00 PM.

Adjourned – Motion to adjourn by Doug and seconded by Steve M.